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I know so many people who has the passion to read. From childhood, I was taught that reading can take you to places – both existing and not, meet people from ages, and discover dreams before they were made. Through reading, you can discover the meaning of life to many people — and now, you could even help extend it for those who are in need.

About this Move

Books.Restore (Books That Restore) is an online book store that aims to help generate funds for those people who has serious medical conditions. We gather book donations and resell them at very low prices, restoring the purpose of these pre-loved books. Through this, donors are able to impart the same knowledge, experience, and stories to the new owners, while helping restore lives by supporting the medical needs of the beneficiaries.

This campaign started when a friend personally reached out to me for help. That time, her Dad is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and badly needed help to cover the soaring hospital bills. We thought of ways to raise fund and we came up with the idea of reselling some of the books we love and gathered more from friends.

As of this writing, we are able to extend help to two dialysis patients. We decided to continue this campaign as more people reach out for help.

Support this Move

You can help in three ways:

  1. Book Donations 
    Cleaning up shelves? Moving out into a new space? Got the most out of the books you love? Whatever reason you might have, donating the books you love is surely a big help. You can meet with us or ship the books you wish to donate and we’ll be very glad to receive them.
  2. Purchase Pre-loved Books
    You can visit our social media pages and online shop to see the latest catalog of books for sale.Facebook:

    You could also message us through these platforms for any inquiries, or send an email at

  3. Share the word
    Tell your friends about this campaign – we’d love that too!

Passion with Greater Impact

Every help you extend through any of the ways we mentioned, you are able to truly impact the lives of our beneficiaries and their families. You are able to renew strength, bring families together, and ultimately, save lives after enjoying something you love and imparting it with others.

Join us now and be blessed. May the Lord return the favor a thousand folds.


About JP Lobos

John Paul Lobos is a social media influencer from Manila, Philippines who loves to travel, write, and indulge into conversations. He is also a Fintech trainer, an IT professor, preacher, and entrepreneur who has a very deep passion for people. He leads a youth ministry at San Pedro, Laguna where he disciples young Christians to help them become positive influencers as well in their own creative ways. During his free time, he enjoys arts and crafts and reading articles online. His blog and social media sites serves as his channel to motivate and inspire his audience.

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