What Can I do to Fight COVID-19?

If you feel helpless during this #COVID_19 situation, it’s the time to consider thinking that you have influence over this. There are things you can do to help the community win this battle. Here are some of those:

  1.  Take care of yourself and your loved ones

    You are one of the reasons why everyone is fighting this battle. Be healthy, eat well, observe proper hygiene. You matter, you are worth fighting for. Encourage your family and friends to do the same and you will be surprised how your perspective would change. Being able to take care of yourself empowers you to also take care of others.

  2. Trust your leaders

    Follow the guidelines provided in preventing the spread of the virus. Trust that your leaders are making sound decisions through the help of experts that you do not have a direct access to. If your community is in quarantine, minimize physical contact with the people you care about. They also matter as you do. 

  3. Stay informed

    Watch out for any information and use your judgment to filter which ones are good. It’s easy for people to spread false information in social media because just like you, they may have been victims of panic and stress. Consume information from reliable sources. Information is the key, take advantage of what’s available and correct.

  4. Remain calm

    Manage your emotions and seek assistance from your family and friends if you are feeling uneasy. While staying at home, engage in activities that gives you a sense of fulfilment and productivity such as organizing files in your phone and computer, decluttering, arts and crafts, and home cleaning. Keep your self busy at home and try spend quality time with your family through movies or connect with friends that you don’t usually talk to. Believe that we are all working together and there is no reason we’ll not get through this.

  5. Pray and meditate

    Take the time to connect with yourself and exercise your faith. Trust that  when things aren’t in our control, we know Who is. You’ve got a healer and provider who cares for you. Read this previous post on Overcoming Anxiety in Trying Times and you will see what you can do to help yourself have a change of mindset. 

“We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals.” – Stephen Covey

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John Paul Lobos is a social media influencer from Manila, Philippines who loves to travel, write, and indulge into conversations. He is also a Fintech trainer, an IT professor, preacher, and entrepreneur who has a very deep passion for people. He leads a youth ministry at San Pedro, Laguna where he disciples young Christians to help them become positive influencers as well in their own creative ways. During his free time, he enjoys arts and crafts and reading articles online. His blog and social media sites serves as his channel to motivate and inspire his audience.

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