Balance for Better : Becoming a High Value Woman

I just learned about the International Women’s Day and I thought it’s an awesome day to celebrate and empower the women, whom we say is ‘behind every successful men‘. Why not? Every time I think about the amazing women in my life, I can’t help but just fall in tears as I realize how my life would have been if not for them. They are worth celebrating and deserving of such high respect.

A Never-Ending Battle

Talking about gender equality between men and women has always been controversial. As if one is always over-powered, one is weaker than the other, and that there is a huge gap in terms of positioning in the society. I will stop there. I’ve seen some big differences on the treatment between men and women across different cultures and being a witness of such differences has stirred the passion in my heart to promote adding value to each other, regardless of the gender.

I thought that this year’s theme is great – ‘A balanced world is a better world’. And talking about balance, one is not supposed to be greater than the other. One is not supposed to be more celebrated than the other. It’s funny because I’ve complained before about how there is a women’s desk at the police station, and there is no men’s desk. How there are women’s support stations at the HR department and no such thing as men’s support station. Aren’t we all human? Don’t get me wrong on that. My point is, there are visible indications in the society on the work that we still have to do in order to achieve that balance that we are looking for.

It’s About Adding Value

Balance is a term associated to weight or the gravity that we give  to something to identify its value. Think about how better the world could be if we all live adding value to each other. This is what I often tell my girl friends who reach out for some pieces of advice when it comes to their relationships and self-outlook:

“No one will empower you more than you empower yourself. You cannot expect people to value you more than how you value yourself. And it should have the right balance because as you add value to yourself, you have to make sure that you are not decreasing others’ “.

So, to all the women I love out there, here are some tips  on how you can be a high value woman while keeping the balance for better:

      1. Know Your Worth

        The Central Bank of the Philippines recently released coins that has the same color and sizes close to each other.  That sucks, but why did they have to do that? It’s because the cost in manufacturing those old coins  is even bigger that it’s monetary value because of the type of metal used —the reason why instead of circulating, some people melt these old coins to be used for something that can produce a bigger value. If you are the coin, you don’t want to serve another purpose that is not what you are created for. If you all look the same, you don’t want to be consumed for something less than the value you have. Think about it, there is no other person who knows your capabilities, ideas, skills, and set of values more than you. In everything, don’t settle for less. To be a high value woman, you must see your value first and work your way to increase it.

      2. Teach People How You Want to be Treated

        During the first day of school or at your new work, people are often clueless of how they are supposed to treat you. Until such time you start hanging out with them, you throw jokes at each other, then some would throw swear words but you don’t call them out simply because  you are the newbie – then they get used to it until it becomes unbearable for you and you feel insulted every time they are doing the same thing. If anyone does something which you don’t like, you can call them out nicely. That way, you are giving them a hint on how you want to be treated.

      3. Be Confident for Who You Are

        Don’t ask if you are beautiful from time to time. Believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Be friends with someone who uplifts you. Appreciate your uniqueness and be proud of your achievements. Know the areas where you can add value to others and be great as you do them. Take out every insecurity that you have and replace them with thoughts of gratitude on what you have.

      4. Practice Being Independent

        We know that we are all relational beings, however, keep in mind that your significant other is not your life. Not your best friend, not your favorite lunch buddy, or even your boss and your job. You have to be your own person and enjoy doing things on your own, especially when help is not required. Establish a fun and adventurous life, allowing yourself to explore your greater potentials and accomplishing things your own way. Let your  identity and character show in everything you do. That way, you are showcasing your value and not just reflecting someone else’s.

      5. Respect

        You know it. Respect begets respect. You don’t increase  your value while decreasing others’. This keeps the balance. Recognize that every person you encounter deserves the same level of respect as you do. By adding value to others, you are adding value to yourself.

    I hope you found something helpful here. To all the amazing women I know and dear to my heart, salute!

  1. Happy International Women’s Month!

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